HOPE PLUS (Providing Long-Term Upliftment for Students)

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Governments at national and state levels have been taking various steps to improve the availability of quality education across all segments of society. While the ‘Right to Education Act’, which stipulates compulsory and free education to all children within the age groups of 6-14 years, has brought about a revolution in the secondary education system of the country, the situation is not the same with respect to Higher education. An overwhelming demographic divide persists in the access to quality higher education with several segments of the society still remaining underrepresented, contradicting the very objective of equity within the social growth of the country.  We have heard some stories of extraordinary success achieved through hard work and dedication by students coming from economically backward strata of society, but such stories are far and few between considering our vast population. While we understand that the issue is huge, we strongly believe that we can make a difference because “individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean”.


CETA GALAXY CHARITABLE TRUST (CGCT), through its HOPE-PLUS project in Kerala, is aiming to address the huge disparity among the various backward segments of the society in accessing quality higher education programs. This objective will be the long-term culmination of all the small steps that we take now.  HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils in Education) project of CGCT has spread across the length and breadth of Kerala evoking real hope in the lives of hundreds of students who are economically backward but academically brilliant.  With effective mentoring and handholding from Grade 8 onwards, these kids have started to dream big. HOPE PLUS is the logical next step which is simply aimed at making these dreams a reality.  Just like HOPE project has become embedded into the social fabric of several schools in Kerala, HOPE PLUS will become the support system for hundreds of students who pursue their higher education and chase their dreams.

We are confident that these beneficiaries of HOPE PLUS, once they reach their career goals, will become torchbearers of this noble initiative and will extend the same helping hand to the next generations.



With HOPE PLUS we are extending the financial and mentoring support to selected students who are completing Grade 12 to pursue their higher education in whichever area of their choice. This includes Engineering, Medicine, Civil Services, Nursing, 5 years Masters Programs, etc. purely depending on the ambitions and the talents of the selected students.

Basically, with HOPE PLUS we are extending our present objective of HOPE to the higher education and career achievement levels. This means providing the mentoring, guidance and financial support for a maximum period of 5 years for the most deserving students from our present HOPE beneficiaries. This should help them to address their financial concerns, show them the appropriate direction and motivate the students to achieve greater goals.


HOPE PLUS has a fixed term objective for each student. Through specific customized support of maximum 5 years after Grade 12, each student is expected to achieve his or her career goal. In general, the objectives of HOPE PLUS can be categorized as

  • To help the most deserving students from among Hope beneficiaries to achieve their goals in life.
  • To push the existing HOPE beneficiaries to set ambitious goals depending on their capabilities and academic achievement
  • To ensure that the goals set during our HOPE journey from Grade 8 to Grade 12 are not falling short due to lack of financial support.


  • Each year double the number of targeted volume of students are selected from the current HOPE beneficiaries based on their academic performance of 11th & 12th grades.
  • Data on academic, economic and extra-curricular activities are collected with the help of Hope Volunteers as per a standard assessment format.
  • Multi-criteria Analysis is done on the data by giving weightages to each of these parameters.
  • The ranking will be done according to the weighted scores by a panel of volunteers.
  • A personal visit to the beneficiary’s houses may be done by Hope Volunteers to access the accuracy of data collected.
  • The most deserving students will be selected by a committee & will be awarded the scholarships which will be extended for a maximum period of 5 years or completion of their studies whichever comes earlier.