• What is CETA Galaxy and its activites

    CETA Galaxy is an initiative/concept with the intention of bringing together all Engineers across the world, who have passed out from College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET), under one umbrella to channelize their expertise and resources for the betterment of our Society. Subsequently, in order to have a legal platform for the Society betterment activities of CETA Galaxy, a Charitable Trust has been registered at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, INDIA. CETA Galaxy Charitable Trust intends to launch several projects for the enhancement of our livelihood or the Society.

  • What is 'HOPE' ?

    HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils in Education) is one of the Projects of the above referred Trust, in order to support the academically brilliant but financially challenged students from the Government or Govt. Aided Schools, preferably in the villages of Kerala to help them successfully complete their Grade 12 or beyond and come out as responsible professionals to further look after his family as well as the Society.

  • What is the main objective of HOPE ? 

    The aim of the project is to identify these under-privileged but outstanding children from the wide spectrum of Kerala Society and empower them through an effective mentoring system in order to warp him/her as responsible citizen capable to sustain independently to look after his family as well as the Society.

  • What is meant by mentoring ?

    Mentoring is the development of a special bond or a professional relationship in which an experienced CETA member or a HOPE Volunteer (the mentor) will assist in facilitating the mentee’s (pupil’s) growth by sharing resources and networks as well as help to enhance the pupil’s overall personality. The support and mentoring system also include helping the students for better academic performance, facilitating higher education and providing guidance about opportunities in higher education as well as his/her career.

  • What is “HOPE Empowerment Workshop”?

    HOPE conducts yearly inspirational/motivational/directional camps for the beneficiaries, their parents/teachers from the entire state of Kerala. These Camps are proved to be exceptionally useful and effective as far as the attendees’ general outlook towards the objectives of their life / towards the Society. Obviously, it plays significant role in casting the beneficiary as a responsible citizen to the Society. Hence it is very much encouraged for not to miss any of these Camps.

  • Who is eligible for the merit Scholarship?

    Students in grade Eight (8) in Govt. /Govt. aided Schools across the state of Kerala, having excellent academic records (with min. 80% marks aggregate in Grade 7). One most eligible student will be considered for HOPE Educational Award from an eligible school in an academic year and will be supported till Grade 12 depending on the performance. Normally the most eligible student should be selected by the school authorities based on the above standards laid down each year.

    This award is available to all, irrespective of caste, religion, or gender. However, since we believe educating female students, positively impacts the community most, we prefer to select at least 50% female students to provide HOPE scholarships.

  • Continuity of Hope Scholarship

    The continuity of the scholarship will be purely based on the academic performance of the student as well as the recommendations from the mentor & school authorities each year. Post selection for the first year’s scholarship, the pupil’s academic performance is expected to be 80% as minimum in order to continue the Scholarship for the subsequent year.

  • When is the time to apply?

    It is strongly recommended to apply as soon as the performance results of the previous year is available in order to help us to issue the Scholarship to the eligible pupils at the early stages of the academic year. If the application is received during or late in the second term of the academic year, it would be considered as too late.

  • How and Where to apply?

    HOPE generally operates independently and at certain occasions, for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the mentoring, HOPE coordinates with schools and (or) certain local charitable / cultural organizations. Those who wanted to be considered for the HOPE scheme must complete the prescribed application form which can be obtained by visiting the CETA Galaxy Charitable Trust website (www.cetagalaxytrust.com). Completed application forms along with a copy of the Ration Card shall be forwarded via Email to hope@cetagalaxytrust.com or by post to CETA Galaxy Charitable Trust, T.C 8/1852, Thiruvananthapuram-695006. Please show your contact details, telephone number etc. in the application form and the signature of the Head of Institution is mandatory.

  • What are the supporting documents required along with HOPE Application?

    The Supporting documents that are needed to be submitted with the application are:

    1. Copy   of   the   government   supplied   Ration   Card   showing   monthly   income   and   family   members.
    2. Any other genuine document(s) or letter(s) that supports your request for aid. 

    Applications if found with false or misleading information will be discarded immediately.

  • Why it is important to have detailed and correct information?

    The application submitted by the candidate and the supporting documents attached with it are the only information available for us to judge the need of the pupil. Therefore, it is important to provide detailed and accurate information to help us prove that the applicant truly deserves outside help and support to fulfill his/her dreams and aspirations to pursue their education.

  • Should the applicant also submit a covering letter along with the application?

    The applicants or their teacher are also encouraged to include a covering letter providing a brief account of the applicants, their family background, why he/she deserves financial educational assistance, about their goals in life in general, etc.

  • How do I get selected for the award?

    Duly filled application by school authorities recommending students for Hope scholarship will be reviewed by Hope Scholarship Award Committee, and subsequently the committee will approve scholarship for eligible students.

    Schools will be notified regarding selection of their students for Hope Scholarship.

  • How much is the Scholarship Amount?

    Currently a scholarship amount of INR 5000/year is paid to eligible candidates from Grade 8 to Grade 10 and INR 10,000/year for Grade 11 and 12.

  • Do I have to pay back?

    Successful Hope Beneficiaries are encouraged (in good faith) to support deserving students in future to achieve their dreams too.